Who Are We?

Ink Anxiety was established in 2017, after realising the need for a specialist tattoo removal service closer to home.

Proudly family-owned and operated, we specialise in tattoo removal and have a first-hand understanding of the tattoo removal process, from the initial consultation to the post treatment care. We’ve been where you are now, and have questioned the process, the technology and the results.

We take tattoo removal very personally and we think it shows.


Because we’re tattoo lovers- who have admittedly said goodbye to a few tattoos over our time as well.

So, we decided to do the grown-up thing and bring the best to the North-Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, after doing the hard yards and finding the most modern and superior in tattoo-removal technology, products and service.

Our energy and expertise focuses solely on providing you with the best results possible. Starting with our superior technology.

When it comes to the nitty-gritty, we’re proud to say we use the Quanta Q-Plus C-EVO Laser System, which is capable of removing both black and multi-coloured tattoo ink. In addition to this, we have the added-bonus of our Fractional Hand-Piece, which offers a reduction in the treatment time and an overall improvement in your healing.

We’ve worked our hardest to tick all the boxes, so our technology is used in conjunction with our Zimmer Cryo 6 Air Cooling System, which minimises discomfort during treatment by reducing heat and swelling, ultimately increasing the rate of recovery.

You’re in safe hands, with our technicians undergoing extensive manufacturer specific training. We are fully educated and certified in not only Laser Safety, but also in Tattoo Removal and Skin Science. Education is our priority, so we strive to remain at the forefront of the business by not only using the latest in cutting edge technology but by engaging with our peers in both the tattoo and tattoo removal industries, and beyond.

Get in touch! We’d love to meet you, talk tatts, and help you restore confidence in your skin, and appearance.


Say ‘hello’ to our industry friends and affiliates;

If you have a tattoo you want gone, go and see the gorgeous Erin at Ink Anxiety.

Meg C

Very professional and friendly!

Jasmine V

It is a very clean and relaxed laser clinic highly recommended.

Cameron H

Love this place. Erin is fantastic. Highly recommend.

Cassie E

I highly recommend Erin & Ink Anxiety to anyone looking into getting their tattoo removed or lightened.

David G

Very professional and friendly great results Erin was amazing.

Rachael F

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