We use Quanta System. Here’s why...

We’ve done the research.

We’ve met with the manufacturers.

We’ve read the stats, the facts and the nitty- gritty about tatts.

One thing stood out above the rest; an unrivalled commitment and passion to provide the best tattoo removal technology possible.

That’s why we’re happy to work with Quanta System.

So, what is Quanta System?

Quanta System is a high-end, Italian manufacturer who has been a leading force in the tattoo removal industry for many years.

Quanta have achieved excellent scar-free results that have proved to be unrivalled worldwide. 

Ink Anxiety is one of the only tattoo-removal clinics in Australia lucky enough to be using Quanta’s brand-new machine, the Quanta Q-Plus C Evo. The machine combines the technology of the original and award winning Quanta Q Plus C model, with innovative new mixed technology. The Evo also offers an additional Fractional Hand-Piece, which drastically improves the aftercare experience and ensures your tattoo is removed faster and, more importantly, without scarring.

The nuts and bolts of it is- we’ve got the best of the best.

The Quanta Q Plus C Evo machine sets the standard by which other tattoo removal devices are measured by offering 3 true wavelengths in one device. This is unique to the industry.

These 3 wavelengths provide treatment on a wide spectrum of ink colours including black, red, orange, yellow, purple and even the stubborn green and blue inks thanks to the rare Ruby (694nm) wavelength. While there is no wavelength effective for removing white ink, the Quanta Q Plus C Evo machine ensures that we can treat all tattoos, guaranteeing that you will love the final result.

How does it work?

The strength and speed of pulse that the machine generates leads to the targeted ink particles being shattered quickly. This minimizes any potential heat damage to surrounding skin, and makes for a quicker and more comfortable experience, reduced healing time and a reduced chance of scarring.  We LOVE the results, and know you will too.

To further enhance customer experience, we have obtained the Zimmer Cryo 6 Air Cooling System, which cools the skin, both before, during and after treatment, minimising discomfort, reducing swelling, and extracting heat from the site. All of this resulting in an improved rate of recovery.

We’re bringing a much-needed relaxed service, and highly- anticipated new standard of laser tattoo removal to Melbourne through our amazing technology. There’s no better time to contact us and arrange a free consultation.

You won’t be disappointed.

We don’t use PicoSure

It’s true. We don’t use PicoSure.

Our research, experience and commitment to bringing the best of the best in tattoo removal to the North Eastern suburbs of Melbourne have lead us away from PicoSure.

We’ve even written a blog about it.

Read more about why we don’t use PicoSure here.